Career Fair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the All-Majors Career Fair cancellation policy?

The Career Center will be happy to refund your registration fee prior to December 22, 2023, at 5:00pm. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THAT TIME. Career fair “no-shows” are not entitled to transfers or refunds at any time. Any outstanding bills will prevent employers from participating in future career fairs.

By making this payment you also acknowledge that you are registering and paying for the “Spring 2023 All-Majors Career Fair” hosted by the Georgia Tech Career Center. This cannot be transferred for any other event or payment at Georgia Tech. Please make sure that you are submitting payment for the correct event at this time.

Is there wireless access in the building?

There is no wireless connectivity available for you to use at the fair. We apologize for this inconvenience.  NOTE:  There is wireless connectivity available on campus to campus visitors.  Information about this service is available HERE.  But there is no guarantee that there will be a strong enough connection on the career fair floor.

Will electrical outlets be available?

Due to the layout of the facility we are using, there will be no direct access to any electricity on the Career Fair floor.  Please make arrangements for this.

If I came to the Career Fair last year, can I login with my previous username and password?

Yes.  All databases from previous years are archived, but companies can register using their current CareerBuzz account (username/password).  On your employer homepage,  look for the Events tab which will have the list of career fairs available for registration.

How do I book interview rooms and/or information sessions before or after the fair?

To reserve an information session, please go to the Bill Moore Student Success Center website HERE and click on the Reservations option. To book interview rooms, please go to the CareerBuzz page and follow the directions for employers. If you already have a CareerBuzz account, once you log in, on your CareerBuzz homepage, click on the Create a New Schedule Request link. For questions about On-Campus Recruiting please call 404-894-3320 or email

Why won't my profile save/update?

Our registration system will not allow companies to save/submit their profiles for approval unless all of the information asked for is filled in.  Similarly, if your profile is approved and you go back to edit it later, you can change information but cannot delete information entirely.  Our system will not store deleted fields.

Why do I get an error when I click the registration link?

The registration system requires Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or any other browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.)

Where can I find information regarding major-specific career fairs?

Information regarding major-specific career fairs can be found on this website under the Upcoming Career Fairs page.

Can I reserve multiple booths for the same day?

Yes. Each company may reserve a maximum of two booths for their scheduled day. If you did not specify that you would like two booths during registration, send an email to and the appropriate changes will be made for you.